Outlaw Sniper

Outlaw Sniper

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  • Join the growing community in the hottest new android game-- Master the art of the old west SHOOTOUT Battle LIVE OPPONENTS from around the world All duels are played in real time! Choose from tons of weapons and extras Earn gold to buy guns like pistols, shotguns and rifles Choose your fighting style and hone your skills. Become a sniper working with high precision rifles or a bar room brawler with the shotgun. Find your friends and taunt them into a high noon showdown. Get notifications when your friends are online to fight! Collect bounties and become a contract killer or join the sheriff's posse and restore order Unlock amazing weapon upgrades like exploding bullets, poison clouds and zombie attack! Customize your character and make a free wallpaper with your unique Outlaw! If you like other Mambo Studios apps like paintball or gunman, you'll love Outlaw!

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